Conference Themes

The conference, in its scientific sessions and accompanying workshops, covers the latest studies, research, and successful experiences presented by participants from universities and educational institutions in topics related to the following themes:

First Theme

Administration and Artificial Intelligence:
  • Contemporary Administration and Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in Strategy, Leadership, and Governance
  • Business Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Strategic Leadership and Environmental Challenges
  • Decision-Making Using Quantitative Methods
  • Quality Administration and Measuring Organizational Efficiency
  • Statistical Data Science and Its Apps

Second Theme

Finance and Financial Technology:
  • Contemporary Economic Proposals in the Digital Economy
  • The Banking Sector and Digitization
  • Financial Technology "Cryptocurrencies and Financial Payment Systems"
  • Green Finance and the Energy Economy
  • Sustainability Issues in Islamic Banking

Third Theme

Accounting and Auditing in the Digital Age:
  • Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Financial Systems
  • Measurement and Disclosure Challenges in Sustainability Accounting
  • Contemporary Issues and Huge Data in Accounting and Auditing
  • Information Technology Governance and Risk Management and Compliance
  • Challenges of Adopting International Financial Reporting Standards in the Digital Envi-ronment
  • Accounting of Added Value for Intellectual Capital

Fourth Theme

Insurance in the Digital Age:
  • Contemporary Issues in Insurance and Risk Management
  • Strategies of Insurance Industry in the Digital Age
  • Insurance Technology: Laws and Regulatory Compliance in the Insurance Industry

Fifth Theme

Digital Marketing:
  • Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior
  • Challenges in Developing E-Marketing for Startup Projects
  • Utilizing Search Engines in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategies